PLX Quick FAQs

Here are some FAQs on Durapipe PLX:

1. What is the thermal expansion of PLX pipes?
Ans. 1.5mm/m/10°C

2. What is the pressure rating of PLX pipes?
Ans. PLX pipe has a pressure rating of 10bar @20°C for continuous operation.

3. What is the burst pressure of PLX pipes?
Ans. The burst pressure of PLX pipes is 50bar.

4. What is the design life of PLX pipes?
Ans. PLX pipe has a design life of 30years and exceeds the performance requirements of the Energy Insittute (formerly Institute of Petroleum) performance specification for underground fuel systems, OFTEC and international standards.

5. What is the bending radius for PLX pipes?
Ans. The minimum cold bend radius for PLX pipes (SDR11 wall section) is 25 times the pipe outside diameter.The safe bending radius for the Offset Fill and vent pipes (SDR17 wall section) is 35 times the pipe outside diameter.

6. What is the maximum working temperature for PLX pipes?
Ans. The maximum recommended working temperature of PLX pipes when conveying fuels is 50°C. However there will be a pressure reduction factor to be accounted for against higher temperatures (above 20°C).

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