PLX Product Innovations

The Durapipe PLX product range has developed over the years producing many product innovations that are dedicated to reducing costs and installation times. These products have been specifically designed for fuel related installations and applications.


PLX Close-Fit Unique 32#40mm Transition Fitting
Three Fittings in one!
A unique 1″ BSP Female Stainless Steel 32#40mm electrofusion transition fitting adds to our vast range of fittings. Instead of using a closure fitting, a test port fitting and an additional transition, all that is needed is our Close-Fit 32#40mm Transition. There are no other transition fittings in the market place manufactured with the same precision and engineering that make this essential for your application. When time is a factor, during installation, a reduction in fittings can be extremely beneficial to the installer.

This fitting has three main features:
• Secure transition from PE to metal
• Closure of the 32mm and 40mm secondary contained Close-Fit pipe system
• Access port for interstitial monitoring and periodic testing

PLX Close-Fit Extended Transitions
PLX Extended Transitions have been specifically designed ensuring a Close-Fit installation is securely secondary contained throughout. The range consists of Female, Male and Flanged BS4504, and available in sizes to suit the PLX Close-Fit system range. They have been designed to reduce the number of welds needed within tight spaces.

• All fittings are double spigot and complete with 1/8″ access port
• Extended pipe length is 750mm
• Sizes available 50#63 and 63#75mm
• Safe and secure transition from PE to metal

PLX Secondary Containment Electrofusion Couplers
A range of 39.5V Compact electrofusion secondary couplers are now available for welding PLX secondary pipes (Pipe-In-Pipe) and their matched spigot fittings, meaning that one ECU machine can be used onsite for welding all Electrofusion fittings in the PLX range.

Key features include:
• Compact design
• No internal pipe stops, making installation of Pipe-In-Pipe systems easier
• 39.5V operation
• Jointed using the standard manual or automatic ECU
• greater integrity and cost saving

PLX In-Line Anchor Fittings
These unique ranges of PLX Pipe-In-Pipe fittings have several roles in secondary contained systems. This range of double spigot fittings are supplied with either a solid
annular design or with drilled communication ports. When installed in long runs of pipework, the PLX In-Line Anchor helps to control or negate the differential thermal movement caused by changes in the pipe system’s ambient or content temperatures.
The anchors should be strategically placed, such that the systems natural flexibility is used to accommodate the direction and magnitude of any thermal movement.
The solid PLX In-Line Anchors are used to divide the interstice into compartments (zones) that can be individually monitored. In the unlikely event of a leak, the individually zoned system can be more easily investigated to identify the location of the problem. Drilled PLX In-Line Anchors provide full support between the primary and secondary pipe and can be installed in either horizontal or vertical pipe systems.

Key features of PLX In-Line Anchors include:
• Double spigot ended
• To create a positive link between the primary and secondary pipe to ensure that neither pipe can act independently of the other
• In vertical pipe systems the positive link between primary and secondary pipes ensures that the whole system is fully supported
• In standard systems the ‘undrilled’ solid In-Line Anchors create separate interstitial compartments that can be independently monitored
• Can be used to separate the interstice of ‘Pipe-In-Pipe’ systems

PLX Large Diameter Tees
Providing similar characteristics as the Durapipe PLX In-Line Anchors, they create compact but equal reduced branch and flanged branch connections. The tee is supplied with drilled communication ports for continuity of the interstice.
• Designed to create compact, equal and reduced branch connections for secondary contained PLX Pipe-In-Pipe system connections
• Continuity of the interstice and permanent monitoring systems
• Can be buried or used above ground in ducted pipe systems
• Offers strength at a crucial point of the installation