Plastic triumphs over steel at Gartnaval Hospital

Durapipe PLX has been specified to replace existing steel pipework systems within the new £19 million Gartnavel Royal Hospital in Glasgow.

The major development has transformed inpatient care and has seen the state-of-the-art hospital become the most modern and innovative mental health hospital in the UK.

As part of the project, Gartnavel Royal Hospital was carrying out extensive modernisations to its psychiatric care unit and specifically to the emergency power supply generator and pipework systems. Tasked with updating the system and developing an effective replacement system was generator specialist Progress Group, which supplies and installs generators worldwide.

Progress Group installed a new 500 KVA generator, but needed a reliable pipework solution that would transport fuel from the existing fuel tank, above and below ground, and then onto the generator to power it. The Progress Group has specified steel systems in the past, but was keen to find an alternative as it had concerns over steel corrosion, especially as some of the pipework run would be installed below ground.

Lindsay Crockett from Pipe Center comments: “When faced with the challenge, from The Progress Group, of recommending a system to suit the needs of the client for this important installation, there was no question of using any other pipework solution other than PLX. We knew that, based on the experience and knowledgeable backup from Durapipe, we would be able to provide the solution that The Progress Group were looking for.”

PLX was chosen as the ideal high performing system that Progress Group was looking for. The pipework has been specified in close-fit sizes 32mm # 40mm for the 50m of pipework that ran below ground, and pipe-in-pipe sizes 32mm # 63mm for the 150m pipework that was installed aboveground. The pipework is being used to transport fuel to the power generator to power this area of the hospital should the main power system fail.

Commenting on the pipework choice, Hughie McRobbie, Northern Business Development Manager of Progress Group, comments: “We specified Durapipe PLX pipework as it presented a reliable system that would perform well against corrosion, the 30 year design life reflects the long term solution the pipework offers. Additionally, it proved extremely easy to handle and install on site and the on-going customer support we received from the Durapipe team reinforced the high quality brand and products we were dealing with.”

Durapipe PLX is a high performing pipework system for fuel transportation; its visible protective liner allows increased resistance to all types of fuel blends, ensuring there is no permeation of fuel through to the atmosphere. Furthermore, its robust Polyethylene material provides exceptional resistance to rapid crack propagation and long term stress cracking.