Market Applications: Forecourts

Some of the Key Market Applications are:


Forecourt Offset Fill

Forecourt Offset Fill

In order to dramatically reduce tank filling time and to save costs and downtime for the forecourt, the larger bore of the lined PLX fill and vent fuel pipe improves flow and reduces UST fill time. With minimal available gravity head, frictional losses must be considered. Even though operating under gravity head, fill pipe should be considered as a pressure system and installed using PLX Secondary Containment systems.

Forecourt Vents

Forecourt Vent

PLX pipe and fittings safely transfer the vapour, from the pumps to the Underground Storage Tanks (UST’s), with no permeation into the atmosphere. Used for both stage one and stage two vapour recovery PLX is your safe, environmentally friendly choice for installation. Fully operational vents and vapour recovery systems ensure the UST’s and associated pipework is pressure balanced and that air and fuel vapour are safely conveyed or recovered. The larger bore of PLX fill and vent systems will assist air/vapour flow and the condensed vapour return to it’s respective UST.

Tank chamber connection

Tank chamber connection

The chamber is central to the forecourt fuel system, it provides inspection access to the tank and protects the fill, suction, pressure (pump), siphon and vent connections. With space at a premium the innovative design of Durapipe PLX EF demountable compact flanges helps to minimise installation time and ensures easy access to the tank.

Under pump sump

under pump sump

PLX threaded adaptors and compact flanges provide safe and secure connection to pumps, dispensers and tank top fittings.
Designed for pressure and suction applications PLX spigot and EF threaded adaptors make perfect under pump connections while the compact demountable flange sets are best used in the confined spaces and restricted access of tank chambers.
PLX fully fused secondary contained fittings and extended transitions can help to reduce costs and eliminate the need for under-pump sumps.

Two types of Forecourt systems from the tank to the pumps:
Suction is when the dispensing pumps are powered via a vacuum process sucking the fuel from the tank at a certain rate/bar
Pressure is when the tank is continually pumping at a pressure rating to the pumps
Products for these systems:
Suction uses predominantly single wall product. This is because if there was a puncture / leaking pipe the fuel would safely drain back into the tank with no further continuous flow.
Pressure uses secondary containment product. If there is a puncture / leak then the fuel will continue to be pumped but will be contained in the secondary pipe until the fault is detected and repaired.
*** Note – tank leak detection systems and facilities are their to recognise and alarm risks of puncture / leaking.