Kingsway Hospital prepares with PLX

A major new hospital development has utilised Durapipe PLX pipework to ensure the emergency fuel generators can be operated in the case of a power failure.

The £34 million project to construct a new mental health accommodation complex at Kingsway Hospital in Derby is part of a national move to get mental health patients out of large institutions and into smaller, more modern accommodation.

As with any healthcare facility, the efficient running of medical equipment and apparatus is imperative to the treatment and recovery process for patients. A power failure could be extremely dangerous for patients; in addition to needing all medical equipment to be fully operational, other associated failures, including the lights going out, could have an adverse affect on the patients due to the nature of their conditions.

As a result, the selection of equipment to work with the emergency fuel powered back-up generators was an important process for the contractors, Engineering Services (Humber). A reliable pipework system was needed to transport the fuel from the oil tank to the boiler house and Durapipe PLX was specified as it met the specific criteria demanded of the project.

Close-fit Secondary containment PLX pipework in sizes 32mm # 40mm was connected to the oil storage tank using transition couplers, the pipework was then installed in a trench underground before surfacing in the plant room where it was connected to the boilers using more transition couplers.

Durapipe PLX was selected due to its high performance properties; the majority of the pipework was installed within a trench under an access road so it was essential that there was no possibility of the fuel leaking into the atmosphere. A visible liner allows increased resistance to all types of fuel blends, ensuring there is no permeation of fuel through to the atmosphere and its robust Polyethylene material provides exceptional resistance to rapid crack propagation and long term stress cracking.

Commenting on the project, Ian Murray from Engineering Services (Humber) said: “Safety is always the number one priority when dealing with fuel and we found Durapipe PLX to offer the best performing properties for this application.

The fact that the range also incorporates a comprehensive selection of transition fittings was ideal for us as we needed to be able to easily connect the pipework to the oil tank and the boiler.”

The development is now complete and houses a 36-bed unit for adults with dementia, a 14-bed unit for adults in need of other mental health care and an eight-bed unit for younger patients. There is also a support centre housing a bank, library, coffee shop, restaurant, chapel and multi-faith centre and a physiotherapy suite.