Durapipe PLX is discovered by Stockwood

Durapipe PLX fuel supply pipework has been specified for an exciting development at a community discovery centre in Luton.

Stockwood Discovery Centre, formally Stockwood Park Museum, is a £4.9 million visitor centre that explores the history of the local area through art displays, gardens, community projects and exhibitions. Financed through a sizable Heritage Lottery Fund donation, the centre services the local area with activities and events for adults and children alike.

In order to power the oil fired boilers in the discovery centre, a pipework solution was needed to transfer fuel from the main storage tank to the fuel pump that serves the boiler 50 metres away. Durapipe PLX pipework was specified as the ideal product to use for this project due to its exceptional resistance to crack propagation, long term stress cracking and resistance to all types of fuel blends.

Durapipe PLX close fit secondary containment pipework was specified in sizes 32mm # 40mm to carry the fuel from the main tank, through an underground trench, reaching the fuel oil pump that powers the main heating boilers. The installers were looking for a reliable and easy to install pipework solution; at approximately one sixth the weight of steel, the lightweight nature of Durapipe PLX meant it was quicker and easier to install, as well as lighter to handle on site.

Tani Sisto from Heattreat Heating, installer of Durapipe PLX for the Stockwood Discovery Centre, said: “Reliability and safety are top priorities when dealing with fuel and we found Durapipe PLX to be the best performing product in dealing with these issues. The ease of handling on site was an added bonus proving itself to be far better than alternative metal pipework I have used in the past.”

The Durapipe PLX portfolio offers complete flexibility as it is available in both Close-Fit and Pipe-In-Pipe secondary containment pipework systems in sizes 32mm – 315mm. With an easy to use electrofusion system, Durapipe PLX also has a wide range of fittings and transition fittings to suit these systems.