Durapipe PLX fuels its way to success in Sussex

Durapipe PLX pipework for fuel transfer has been specified for use within the automotive division of an engineering company in Sussex.

Ricardo’s is a renowned engineering solution consultancy to the world’s automotive, transport and energy industries. Its UK manufacturing facility, based in Shoreham-by-Sea in Sussex, houses over 50 engine assessment facilities that test a variety of industrial products and systems for a host of international clients.

The automotive division of the company is involved in testing combustion engines on behalf of clients, though monitoring the engines capabilities when using a variety of fuel blends. Ricardo’s was looking for a pipework solution that would safely transport the different fuel types to the combustion engines in the test centre, allowing the engine performance to be closely monitored and assessed.

Due to the underperformance of the existing steel pipework system, it was imperative that the new system could cope with a variety of fuel types, and is durable over a long period of time. Ricardo’s looked to specialist fuel pipework system PLX to replace the old pipework; specified due to its high corrosion resistance and proven quality performance, the pipework system was the ideal choice to meet the needs of Ricardo’s manufacturing site.

Durapipe PLX secondary contained pipe-in-pipe was specified in sizes 50#90mm and is used to transport diesel, gasoline, bio-fuel and other fuel blends from the main on-site fuel farm, through the site, and onto the test centre to activate the combustion engines. The fuel farm has a storage capacity of 0.5 million litres and is used to house all fuel types that are used as part of the testing process.

Durapipe PLX is a high performing pipework system for fuel transportation; its visible Polyamide liner allows increased resistance to all types of fuel blends, ensuring there is no permeation of fuel through to the atmosphere. Furthermore, its robust Polyethylene material provides exceptional resistance to rapid crack propagation and long term stress cracking.

Commenting on the installation, Alan Platt plant supervisor said: “When it comes to the transportation of fuel, safety was always our main priority and we found the PLX secondary contained system to be the best performing solution for us. Due to problems with the old system we were looking for a pipework solution that would perform over a long time period and the 30 year design life of the PLX system made it the ideal solution.”