Durapipe fuels navy fleet

Durapipe P-LX secondary contained fuel system pipework has been installed as part of a major redevelopment of the navel base HMAS CAIRNS in Queensland.

This project will see a complete overhaul of the Navy and Sugar Wharfs to cater for the increase in the volume and size of vessels that will be home ported at HMAS CAIRNS, and particularly to address the needs of the new larger Armidale Class Patrol Boat.

As part of the redevelopment, the fuel lines need updating to meet the higher standards demanded by the new facility. As a result, the existing fuel-on lines on Navy Wharf will be converted to the de-fuelling pipes, with new fuel-on lines installed, whilst Sugar Wharf will receive both new fuel-on and de-fuel pipe services.

To fulfil all the new fuel pipework system requirements, local distributor Shipman King has supplied over 1,500 metres of 110mm and 160mm secondary contained Durapipe P-LX pipework and fittings. This pipework solution provides benefits in terms of the performance over the lifetime of a system, as well as during the installation stage.

Some sections of the fuel lines have been fitted below ground, whilst other parts are above ground and exposed to the elements, therefore a solution was needed that can cope with the varying conditions. The secondary contained option of Durapipe P-LX is designed to limit impact damage so is ideal for above ground systems, whilst the UV light resistance properties ensure it will retain its high performance levels over the lifetime of the system.

Some of the pipework has been fitted on the underside of the wharfs so the lightweight material and easy jointing technique of Durapipe P-LX offered significant benefits; the lightweight material not only makes the product easy to handle on site so it is quick and easy to fit in restricted spaces, but it also means that less than half the supports are required to suspend the system, compared with metal alternatives.

The technical support offered by the Durapipe UK team was also a major benefit as Nigel Howlett, CEO of Shipman King Pty Ltd (Durapipe PLX exclusive distributor in Australia for 13 years) comments: “In addition to the outstanding performance capabilities of the product, the service offered by Durapipe UK has been exceptional. The team has offered excellent technical support from the initial query through the entire process and also undertook comprehensive on-site training with the contractor tasked with the installation process.”

Durapipe P-LX is a polyethylene pipework system that can be supplied in single wall or secondary contained pipe to cater for a variety of applications. Available in sizes from 32mm up to 160mm, Durapipe P-LX provides the ultimate in environmental protection, whilst offering resistance to fuel permeation.