About Us

durapipeuk-logoDurapipe PLX is manufactured by market-leading pipework specialist Durapipe UK, who are a world pioneer in the development and manufacture of thermoplastic pipe systems. Our large portfolio of innovative products are manufactured to the highest standards, which allows us to supply widely into a variety of different markets and applications around the world. To find out more about Durapipe UK click here.

Durapipe PLX is an above and below ground product range specifically designed for the safe transfer of all liquid fuels. Consisting of single wall and two types of secondary contained pipe and fittings, PLX has been installed for many different applications such as forecourts, building services and industrial across the World.

Product History

Petrol-line Original was developed by Durapipe UK in 1993 and was used for Fill & Vent applications only. Innovative product development led to the product Petrol-line Plus which was a composite pipe manufactured with aluminium and polyethylene.

As innovation and product development are key values at Durapipe UK, the next generation product was PLX, manufactured using polyethylene with a protective nylon inner-liner.

PLX has now moved on to the next generation pipe, with extremely high permeation resistance.  Durapipe will always look to improve and they maintain being the innovators in plastic pipework.