PLX Pipe

A wide range of Single Wall, Close-Fit and Pipe-In-Pipe

Transition Fittings

PLX Transition fittings ensure the safe and continuous flow of fuel

PLX Blue

A dedicated range of high quality pipe and fittings, designed for the conveyance of AdBlue®

Market sector

Car, lorry, bus owners need for fuel to be easily accessible, making the forecourt critical to daily life. Ensuring that the fuel is transferred safely,
underground from tanks to the pumps for commercial access, choosing a high performance pipe system is a key element in the process. More

With an increased reliance on electronic systems in every-day life, sudden and prolonged loss of power supplies can endanger lives and disrupt business services and commerce. Oil powered emergency
and uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) safeguard against this scenario but they need to be instant and reliable. Underpinning this is the need for a high performance pipe system. More

All modes of transport require fuel to enable them to function as required. Marinas, airports, and rail haulage depots all need fuel to economise and perform. Large diameter
specialist pipe systems are required to meet the needs of bulk re-fuelling for large main depots housing these various types of transport vehicles. More